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03 April 2022


(by Paul Doevendans from FireServ)

When it comes to fire safety, the most important aspect is the ability to evacuate. Queensland Fire and Emergency Services refer to this as “Means of Escape”. There are many aspects to being able to evacuate a building. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that evacuation paths are clear, doors can be freely opened and report anything that may impede an evacuation path.

It is the responsibility of your fire service provider to ensure, your building is compliant with the current fire regulations when they perform the twice – yearly inspections. The services that come under “Means of Escape” include: Fire & Exit Door Inspections, Emergency & Exit Lighting Inspections, Paths of Egress, Evacuation Drill and Evacuation Signage & Diagram.

There are severe penalties for not maintaining the “Means of Escape” within a building you own and or occupy. To perform these services in Queensland, you must be appropriately licenced.

For any queries about “Means of Escape” or general fire maintenance questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:


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