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    Note: There will be a fee payable by the owner to have your request submitted to the Committee for consideration outside a committee meeting. You will be sent an invoice after the minutes of the meeting have been completed. Please allow up to 21 days for a response from the committee.

    Guidelines to Installation of Air Conditioning Systems

    Air conditioning systems must NOT be installed in a lot by an occupier without the prior written approval of the Body Corporate Committee. The primary criteria of the Body Corporate for approval to install an air conditioning system include but are not limited to the following:

    The air conditioning system must:

    • be positioned in an inconspicuous location so as not to interfere with other occupiers’ peaceful enjoyment of their lot;
    • be positioned so that exhaust air blows away from any adjacent lot;
    • have a dedicated power feed in accordance with the Australian Standard AS3000 Wiring Rules or any appropriate replacement Australian Standard; and
    • be of substantially the same colour as the building for those parts of the air conditioning system situated on the lot.
    • must be installed by a licensed tradesperson with the appropriate insurance.
    • have sufficient sound proofing measures incorporated to meet the council noise control limits.

    Approval is usually granted subject to meeting the following conditions:-

    1. All maintenance will remain the responsibility of the owner/occupier of the lot, except where there is a by-law that says otherwise.
    2. The owners will indemnify the Body Corporate for any third party claim for damages resulting from the air conditioning unit, be it personal or property damage.
    3. Should the unit be removed for any length of time for any reason, all penetrations/openings will be made good to the original condition.
    4. Any complaint relating to noise of operation will be attended to promptly and without question.
    5. Should the condensate drain system expelling water cause complaints or damage to common property or other lots the problem will be rectified expeditiously.
    6. Any damage to common property during installation will be rectified to the complete satisfaction of the Committee at the owner’s expense.