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Body Corporate Certificates


    Information Certificate

    Cost: $71.75 (Allow 3-4 business days turnaround time)

    Extras: $27.00 (Priority, 24 hour turnaround time) TOTAL = $98.35

    Disclosure Statement

    Cost: $181.50 (processed approx. 4-5 days)

    Extras: $15.00 (Urgent, 24 hour turnaround time) TOTAL = $196.50

    Certificate of Currency (Insurance)

    Cost: $44.00 (processed approx. 4-5 days)

    BC Searches

    Cost: $19.35 – If you are a lot owner

    Note: There is no fee for a first-time request, for lot owners to inspect the records.

    Cost: $37.20 – If you are not a lot owner

    Additional cost: $10.00 for USB flash drive & $0.70c per page for photocopies.

    Welcome Packs

    Cost: $55.00

    *prices are inclusive of GST

    Payment can be made by Cheque, made payable to AD Body Corporate (You may scan a copy of the cheque and mail the original if it is urgent)
    Direct Deposit (Please email an attached copy of the direct deposit transaction receipt for proof of payment).
    Account Name: AD Body Corporate
    BSB: 084-004
    Account No: 680 632 270

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